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Moordragon's Illustrated Grimoire

Moordragon's Illustrated Grimoire

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Author(s)/Editor(s): Hobbs, Bob - -

YearMonthDay of Publication: 20181030
Standardized Book Category: Occult & Supernatural
Language: EnglishPage Count: 220

Publisher Marketing:

In 1645, witch-hunters raided and burned the village of Mithewinter to the ground. The inhabitants, all branded as witches and warlocks, were hanged. Moordragon, one of the village elders, buried his magical Grimoire beneath his home where it was unearthed a century later. Over the next 263 years, the Grimoire changed hands numerous times until it became the property of an occult book collector who published it's mysterious contents. Contents that hold a dark secret that will be revealed in an upcoming graphic novel...if you can find the clues.

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