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My Man Jeeves

My Man Jeeves

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Author(s)/Editor(s): Wodehouse, P. G. - - Editions, Mint

YearMonthDay of Publication: 20210727
Standardized Book Category: Humorous - General
Language: EnglishPage Count: 138

Publisher Marketing:

My Man Jeeves by P.G Wodehouse is a collection of comedic work featuring three of Wodehouse's famous characters. Bertie is an idle rich man, who is always ready to help his friends. However, he would never be able to do so without the help of his odd but intelligent valet, Jeeves. Said to be the prototype for Bertie, Reggie Pepper is also rich Englishman dedicated to assisting his friends, however, unlike Bertie, he often has to act as the brains in any situation he is in, as he does not have a useful assistant like Jeeves. This collection of stories is split between these characters: four feature Bertie and Jeeves while the other half focuses on Reggie. Leave it to Jeeves, the first story in the collection, follows Bertie and Jeeves' adventures in America. When one of Bertie's friends request help convincing his uncle to accept his soon-to-be bride, Jeeves and Bertie are happy to supply a plan. However, the situation becomes complicated when their scheme leads to the uncle liking the young woman a little too much. Much like the introductory story, Jeeves and the Hardboiled Egg depicts the strange circumstances the duo finds themselves in. In attempt to help Bertie's friend, Bicky, out of a tough financial situation after lying to his uncle, Jeeves concocts a plan involving a chicken farm and a convention of Americans. In a similar spirit of silly unconventionality, Reggie Pepper assists his forgetful friend, Bobby, in Absent Treatment. When Bobby's wife, Mary, declares that she will not see Bobby until he can remember her birthday, Bobby and Reggie investigate astrogeology and scour through their records to discover her birthdate.

Described as witty and heart-warming, My Man Jeeves by P.G Wodehouse is a timeless classic perfect for anyone in need of a good laugh. With well developed, good-natured characters, My Man Jeeves provides an escape into simple comedy.

This edition of P.G Wodehouse's My Man Jeeves features a striking new cover design and is printed in a stylish font, making it both readable and modern.

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