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Nurse Healer to Nurse Healed

Nurse Healer to Nurse Healed

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Author/Editor: Feather, Joanna

YearMonthDay of Publication: 20230207
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REL012170 -Christian Living - Personal Memoirs

Publisher Marketing:

Hello. My name is Joanna Feather, RN. Well, at least it was. I recently changed my life's journey. As with all of us, life teaches us lessons, and we learn from them. There are certain things that define us. I thought my career was the definition of me. I have always thought that ever since I graduated from the CENA program in the summer of 1993. I went on to become a licensed practical nurse in 1998 and finally got my registered nursing license in 2002. I have always been attached to nursing and thought I would always have a passion for it, until I didn't. The end provides a special twist showing you hospitals from a patients' perspective.

My hope and prayer for this book is to capture nursing at its best and its worst for me. I also want people to see what the Lord did for me throughout. I will do that by discussing the passion that has led those to the profession, the reason people are leaving now, and the future of nursing. I will do this by giving a summary of the chapter in the beginning paragraphs, giving you some experiences of my own to support the beginning, and end with several

other previous coworkers, currently working in the profession, and their view on the chapter subject.

My goal and hope is to convey the struggles we have had for so long and to provide my reader with evidence that there is a need for change-now-before it is too late and there is no one to be the backbone of health care anymore and no one to care for your loved ones or even for you!

I hope you do get some enjoyment out of some of this book, but I think you will find at the root of it is a very sad, discouraging, and scary portrayal of what is happening to nursing-the fading profession... but, you will also find an uplifting, heartfelt journey with the Lord always at the center of it all.

Page Count: 144

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