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Paranormal Romance Grab Bag

Paranormal Romance Grab Bag

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A variety of books! The Standard Grab Bag contains 8 to 10 Thriller and Suspense novels as well as many other kinds of books, including romance. The image shown is a true SAMPLE of the types of books in this Grab Bag. Each Grab Bag is Unique.

Paranormal Romance Grab Bag

Werewolves (& wereleopards, weretigers, etc.)

Demons, Ghosts, Mermaids

Angels, Time Travelers, Witches, Fairies

Other Not-Quite-Human Types Too!

These grab bags are all about things that go bump-in-the-night - in a couple of different ways.  These romance are often action packed and have lots of seances of intimacy. Many of these books are parts of longer series. When possible several books in a series are packed in each grab bag.  All Grab Bags are unique. Due to the strong popularity of some of these authors, there is a slightly higher possibility of duplication of some titles from one package to the next. Overall each grab bag is unique.

Due to the recent change in paperback length  and width, grab bags contain books printed before 2022.

Grab Bags are made from excess store stock or used books from other outside sources. Many of our Grab Bags are made possible by a special purchase of closing stock from used bookstores. Few books in Grab Bags are recent, many are older titles. Some books are in "like new" condition, many are well worn.

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