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Pardon My Hearse:

Pardon My Hearse:

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Pardon My Hearse: A Colorful Portrait of Where the Funeral and Entertainment Industries Met in Hollywood
Contributor(s): Abbott, Allan
Binding: Paperback
Pub Date: June 15, 2015
Publisher Marketing: Even celebrities die and he was the man who picked up the bodies! Allan Abbott ran the leading hearse, mortuary, and funeral services company in Hollywood and got an unprecedented glimpse of how celebrities really live and die. The Forrest Gump of the funeral industry, Abbott was everywhere celebrities died, from helping to prepare Marilyn Monroe s body for burial to standing next to Christopher Walken at Natalie Wood s funeral. Now in his memoir Pardon My Hearse, Abbott tells the rags-to-shroud story of how we went from a young man with a hearse to the funeral driver to the stars a rollicking, unexpectedly hilarious story of glamorous funerals, mishaps with corpses, and true-life glimpses of celebrities at their most revealing moments. Pardon My Hearse is an eye-opening look at secret Hollywood from the man who literally knows where the bodies are buried."

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