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Play Winning Checkers

Play Winning Checkers

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Official Mensa Game Book

Binding: Paperback
Copyright Date: 2009
Publisher Marketing:
Want to dominate the Checkerboard and astound your opponent with every move? Then you have to know how to find alternative solutions to problems, break down complex situations, and keep control of your long term strategy. And here's the best way to learn just how to do that. As you go move by move through puzzles and an entire game, you'll absorb all the tricks and techniques that turn an ordinary checkers player into a champion. Start with the basic moves that put you on the winning track. Protect your pieces, get kings and use them well, and thwart your opponent at every point. Fight for control of the center of the board. Set up multiple jumps, and avoid the "doghole." You'll even discover how to play computer checkers-so you can go on the Internet and pit yourself against "Chinook," the world computer checkers champion.


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