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Reading the Psalms Theologically

Reading the Psalms Theologically

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Author(s)/Editor(s): Howard Jr, David M. - - Schmutzer, Andrew J.

YearMonthDay of Publication: 20230308
Standardized Book Category: Biblical Studies - Old Testament - Poetry & Wisdom Literatur
Language: EnglishPage Count: 344

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Integrative approaches to the Psalter

Reading the Psalms Theologically presents rich biblical-theological studies on the Psalter.

  • Reading the Psalter as a Unified Book: Recent Trends (David M. Howard and Michael K. Snearly)
  • The Macrostructural Design and Logic of the Psalter: An Unfurling of the Davidic Covenant (Peter C. W. Ho)
  • David's Biblical Theology and Typology in the Psalms: Authorial Intent and Patterns of the Seed of Promise (James M. Hamilton)
  • A Story in the Psalms? Narrative Structure at the "Seams" of the Psalter's Five Books (David "Gunner" Gunderson)
  • Does the Book of Psalms Present a Divine Messiah? (Seth D. Postell)
  • The Suffering Servant in Book V of the Psalter (Jill Firth)
  • Excavating the "Fossil Record" of a Metaphor: The Use of the Verb nasa' as "to forgive" in the Psalter (C. Hassell Bullock)
  • The Art of Lament in Lamentations (May Young)
  • The Psalms of Lament and the Theology of the Cross (Rolf A. Jacobson)
  • "In Sheol, who can give you praise?" Death in the Psalms (Philip S. Johnston)
  • Psalm 32: More Accurately a Declarative Praise than Penitential Psalm (Daniel J. Estes)
  • Theology of the Nations in the Book of Psalms (Ryan J. Cook)
  • Psalm 87 and the Promise of Inclusion (Jamie A. Grant)
  • YHWH Among the Gods: The Trial for Justice in Psalm 82 (Andrew J. Schmutzer)
  • Reclaiming Divine Sovereignty in the Anthropocene: Psalms 93-100 and the Convergence of Theology and Ecology (J. Clinton McCann)
  • A Theology of Glory: Divine Sanctum and Service in the Psalter (Jerome Skinner)
  • Perceptions of Divine Presence in the Levitical Psalms of Book 2: The Paradox of Distance and Proximity (J. Nathan Clayton)
  • Psalm 110, Jesus, and Melchizedek (David C. Mitchell)

The essays interpret the Psalms as a carefully-composed book. Each study focuses on a biblical or theological topic, drawing insights from past interpreters and current scholarship.

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