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Royal Flash Tattoo Coloring Book: Royal Flash Tattoo Coloring Book

Royal Flash Tattoo Coloring Book: Royal Flash Tattoo Coloring Book

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Author/Editor: Bengtson, Cort

YearMonthDay of Publication: 20171102
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ART055000 -Body Art & Tattooing

Publisher Marketing:
Royal Flash Tattoo Coloring Book 133 pages of Real Tattoos from "The First 201" Royal FlashThis is from Internationally Published, Award winning New York based Tattoo artist Cort Bengtson Of Cort's Royal Ink Tattoo Company and Royal Flash.Here is133 Pages of Real Tattoo Outlines of; Angels, Hearts, Banners, Crosses, Military, American Indian, Roses and Flowers, Religous, Stars, Suns and Moons, Celtic and Tribal, Fire and Water, Dragons, Eagles, Barb Wire, Butterflies, Skulls, Scorpions, Gargoyles, Wingsand more!Printed one sided (so there is no bleed through to the other side, although I recommend using a barrier sheet of paper between pages if using markers). Over 1000 designs! This is from the early 2000 period and originally sold in all 50 states and 10 countries. So you are coloring real tattoos! This is from someone tattooing over 20 years who knows what people have asked for and gotten. Now times have changed and so have requests too but there are somethings most people always start with and here it is. Nothing cheap here, great designs, great paper great cover, great book!

Page Count: 274

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