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Season of the Dragon

Season of the Dragon

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Author(s)/Editor(s): Wright, Natalie - -

YearMonthDay of Publication: 20230301
Standardized Book Category: Fantasy - Epic
Language: English
Page Count: 00482

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When a dragon destroys Quen's life, she joins a band of mages and rogues hunting the beast. But Quen soon discovers she is the one being pursued in this Season of the Dragon.

Quen was born cursed with two souls-one human, the other a changeling. Sensing her oddity, animals avoid Quen like the plague, making Quen a misfit in her herding culture. At nearly twenty, Quen has failed to match with a herdclan and is at risk of becoming pesha-no one.

Then, a dragon attacks Quen's village, leaving her life a charred ruin. Fueled by her quest for vengeance, Quen joins a band of rogues hunting the dragon. She finds kindred spirits-and the possibility of love. But she'll lose her newfound family if they discover her secret.

Quen's journey soon reveals a terrible truth: her dark secret has caught the attention of dangerous eyes. And now, she has become the hunted.

Quen and her companions must face a power-hungry ruler, a shadowy dragon cult, and even an esteemed magic school leader-all vying to control Quen's growing power. But Quen's fiercest battle lies within as she struggles to maintain control of her own skin.

At the end of Quen's journey, her fate will be sealed.

Will Quen overcome her curse and unite her warring souls? Or will her phantom soul consume her-and everyone she loves-in this Season of the Dragon?
"Bravura worldbuilding. Dazzling epic fantasy that rewards and upends reader expectations."-PUBLISHER'S WEEKLY'S BOOKLIFE, Editor's Pick

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