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Stack the Legal Odds in Your Favor

Stack the Legal Odds in Your Favor

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Stack the Legal Odds in Your Favor: Understand America's Corrupt Judicial System-Protect Yourself Now and Boost Chances of Winning Cases Later 

Author (s): Naheedy, Sara (Author), Paul, Ron (Foreword by), Scott, Tom (Author)
Binding:  Paperback
Pub Date:  March 23, 2016
This highly acclaimed self-help book is the hybrid product of two authors. One is a lawyer, and one is not. This unique, synergistic combination resulted in an exceptional resource that contains essential information found nowhere else. Tailored for everyday Americans, the book is packed with unbiased data about the current state of the U.S. legal system: why it is the way it is, where it is headed, and, most importantly, how to beat it at its own game.

This is the only legal self-help resource that:

Ï reveals secretive rules, presents an atypical paradigm, and furnishes eye-opening information

Ï contains the broad insight of experts internal and external to the U.S. legal system, giving you a complete 360° view of it

Ï provides special tactics that are crucial for the average person to fight a battle and win a case in the corrupt legal system

Coauthors Sara Naheedy and Tom Scott have 35+ years of combined legal experience in a variety of situations in and out of court, which they share in a practical, easy-to-read format. Learn about the wildly corrupt legal system before it strikes. In all probability, the question is not if it will strike but when it will strike the average person with little political power or influence. This guide is ideal as a preventative aid for such people who would unwittingly fall victim to the legal system or, worst-case, indispensable as a remedial tool for someone who needs a clearer understanding of or assistance with a current legal quagmire. Be best prepared to fight a traffic ticket and other vehicular citations and to handle small claims, landlord-tenant issues, debt collection, criminal accusations, divorce, wills, probate, and much more.


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