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The Black Panther: The Saga of Shuri & t'Challa

The Black Panther: The Saga of Shuri & t'Challa

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Author/Editor: Hudlin, Reginald

YearMonthDay of Publication: 20220816
Standardized Book Category:
CGN004080 -Superheroes (see also Fiction - Superheroes)

Publisher Marketing:
She's the genius sister of T'Challa, who always believed she was destined to be the Black Panther! And when her brother unexpectedly falls, Shuri may get her chance -- if she can survive it! With Queen Ororo ruling Wakanda while T'Challa recuperates, Shuri must prove herself worthy to be her country's champion by braving the deadly Panther rituals. The stakes have never been higher -- but that's just how Shuri likes it! Though when her father's killer, Ulysses Klaw, returns with a deadly plan that will spill blood from the Savage Land to the streets of New York, Shuri must turn to some unexpected allies for help! And a transformative journey through the Djalia, the Wakandan spirit plane, will soon change Shuri forever!

COLLECTING: Black Panther (2005) 2, Black Panther (2009) 1-6, Klaws of the Panther (2010) 1-4, Black Panther (2016) 8-11

Page Count: 424

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