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The Complete Book of Origami Polyhedra

The Complete Book of Origami Polyhedra

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64 Ingenious Geometric Paper Models

Binding: Paperback
Copyright Date: 2021
Pub Date: January 04, 2022
Publisher Marketing: 
Learn to fold incredible geometric origami models from The Queen of Modular Origami! 


In this book, Tomoko Fuse--Japan's most famous living origami artist--shows you how to create amazing polyhedral models using the techniques of modular origami (where many paper sheets are folded then locked together without glue or tape).


Make 64 intriguing modular models, including:
  • Stackable Modules--The perfect starting point for novices, these simple constructions result in stunning three-dimensional forms
  • 3-D Stars--Dazzling decorative starbursts that look great on a Christmas tree, on your mantle--or even in an art gallery
  • Manifold Modulars--Inception-like models in which individual modular constructions themselves become modules within a larger piece
  • Cubes and Boxes--Perfect for gift giving--and there is no finer teacher for these than renowned origami box specialist Tomoko Fuse
  • And many more!

*Recommended for experienced folders and up*
Keyword: folding paper

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