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The Genesis 6 Project

The Genesis 6 Project

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Author(s)/Editor(s): Ferguson, Michael - -

YearMonthDay of Publication: 20221128
Standardized Book Category: Action & Adventure
Language: EnglishPage Count: 300

Publisher Marketing:

Subject Alpha escapes from a top-secret US military genetics lab in Montana. As the deaths pile up, Special Agent Frank Ironhorse Whitman, a former Army Ranger, and member of Indian Affairs joins the pursuit near tribal lands. Little did Ironhorse know that Subject Alpha, captured in the Middle East might be related to a long-ago tribal enemy, a descendent of the Watchers in the book of Genesis. Ironhorse and his men pursue their lethal opponent through the mountains as their enemy plans for man's demise and the return of others of his kind. Complicating matters is a secret group manipulating the situation for their own nefarious reasons. Can Ironhorse stop Subject Alpha before it is too late?

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