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The Good Life Part 1 & 2: The Re-Up

The Good Life Part 1 & 2: The Re-Up

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Sykes, Dorian
Mass market paperback
Pub Date: October 25, 2022

Part 1:

"The year is 1988, Detroit is the secene, and crack is the movement dete time when young black men can become self-made millionaires seemingly overnight by selling dope. The crack era has become to Blacks what Prohibition was to the Italians-a time to get over! It's a time that inspires a generation of street dreams... Fresh out of high school, young Wink has but one thing on his mind-rollin' fresh. Infatuated by all the trappings of the game, Wink and his B-boy crew jump head first into the ills of the drug trade, determined to taste the good life. As they pay their dues and the unforgiving streets harden their hearts, they learn that all dreams aren't worth livin', and nothing lasts forever, not even friendship."--Provided by publisher.

Part 2: The Re-Up

Wink takes us along for a shotgun ride to the top of the underworld--the money, the fast cars, the power . . . and the demise. In these closing chapters, the game throws everything it has to offer at Wink. Will he survive the treachery and betrayal, the addiction, and the lure of fast money? Or will Wink plan his own ending?
As soon as he graduated high school, Wink jumped head first into the drug game. He hardened his heart and did whatever he had to in order to rise through the ranks.
In The Re-Up, Wink takes things to the next level. His father plugs him in with a cocaine pipeline from prison. Soon, Wink is at the top of his game, handling enough cocaine to supply the entire Midwest. But he will learn, just as hustlers before him have, that every run has its end.


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