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Author(s)/Editor(s): Byron, Hannah - -

YearMonthDay of Publication: 20220206
Standardized Book Category:
Action & Adventure

Language: English
Page Count: 428

Publisher Marketing:

"I have loved every minute reading this series. The Norwegian Assassin captivated my mind and heart. So little is told about the struggles of Norway during WW2. And combined with Esther's search for the family, it gave a heart wrenching insight into what it was like to be a Jewish survivor of the Nazi reign of terror."-Amazon Reviewer

Her family's gone. Her fiancé taken from her. Esther Weiss sees only one way to fight back.

Vienna, 1938

Esther Weiss has her whole life planned out. She is to be married to her wonderful fiancé Carl Bernstein, and their future together looks as bright and beautiful as the Austrian landscape. But when Hitler annexes her home country, everything changes. The wedding is postponed indefinitely, and the Weiss family's life is uprooted.

When the treatment of Austrian Jews becomes unbearable, the family flees north. Their hope for safety in Oslo is short-lived when Hitler also invades Norway, and the Quisling puppet regime is put into place.

Esther returns home one day to discover her entire family has been deported. Gone. Without a trace.

Something inside Esther breaks; the soft-hearted, gentle girl transforms into a vengeful warrior. She joins the Norwegian Resistance movement and uses her blond hair and light eyes to procure a false passport; enough to grant her freedom - the freedom to kill.

No German or Norwegian fascist is safe when Esther is nearby. Destroying those who took her family gives Esther a license to live, but it also hardens her heart and no one, not even Tore Ringdal-her protector in the Resistance-can break through the walls she has built around herself.

Now all she has loved is gone, and only hate remains, will the Norwegian Assassin find a way to open her heart again?

The Norwegian Assassin is spellbinding story of love, loss, and courage in Norway's darkest of times. Esther's tale will stay with you long after you finished reading. An unputdownable WW2 novel for fans of The Alice Network, The Nightingale and The Tattooist of Auschwitz.

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