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The Pendant of Hyacinth

The Pendant of Hyacinth

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Author(s)/Editor(s): Quinn, Riley S. - -

YearMonthDay of Publication: 20211201
Standardized Book Category: Fantasy - Action & Adventure
Language: English
Page Count: 00400

Publisher Marketing:

Prince Arael Kendall's past comes back to haunt him when the Nightmare Crisis throws his life into chaos. In a last ditch effort to make things right, he runs away from home and finds himself in the company of Hazel Redwood, a happy-go-lucky teen with their own secrets to sort out. As an odd string of coincidences begins to reveal the duo's missing pieces, the monsters called Nightmares continue to ravage the world to the west. Thalia Fae is one of the many warriors working to push them back into the Subconscious Forest, but the pressures of leadership are enough to deal with on their own without the added burden of saving the world. Luckily, she won't have to do it alone.

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