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The Ten Prison Commandments

The Ten Prison Commandments

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The Ten Prison Commandments: A Smart Guide for Surviving Prison

Contributor(s): Conway, William R (Author)
Binding: Paperback
Pub Date: March 31, 2011

This book is a guide for someone who is incarcerated or facing imprisonment. It doesn't take a degree in quantum physics to figure out that putting people in prison is big business in America. If every law that was written was always obeyed then apparently someone would be out of a job. Lawyers, judges, probation officers, correctional officers, etc...the list goes on and on. What if you ran the judicial system in America, making billions of dollars? Would you design your system for prisoners to be rehabilitated, or would you set your system up so that those prisoners remained uneducated almost guaranteeing his or her returning for a second or third sentence? Now I'm not saying get rid of all prisons and let the criminal element run free. Please don't think that. I have been in prison myself and I know a few people who should never be allowed out of prison. I will also say that I have witnessed a few prisoners educate themselves because failure was not an option for them.


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