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The Terror in the Emerald City

The Terror in the Emerald City

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Author(s)/Editor(s): D. D. Black - -

YearMonthDay of Publication: 20230521
Standardized Book Category: Mystery & Detective - Private Investigators
Language: English
Page Count: 00254

Publisher Marketing:

An elusive terrorist. A city on razor's edge. Twenty-four hours to stop a massacre.

Former NYPD detective Thomas Austin is enjoying a rare date at a Monday Night Football game in Seattle when the evening takes a horrifying turn.

A team of merciless terrorists has taken over the stadium by force, blocking cellphone signals and sealing the exits.

The terrorists have a single demand: release a high-ranking Al Qaeda operative from a U.S. supermax prison. And they have a simple threat: do so in the next twenty-four hours or they will blow up the stadium, killing themselves along with tens of thousands of innocent victims.

With 60,000 fans in the crosshairs, and the world watching live on TV, Austin must work with security inside the stadium to find a weak point in the terrorists' plans before the countdown ends. But the closer he gets to the attackers, the more he believes their true plan is even more sinister than anyone would believe.

In the ultimate race against time, Thomas Austin will be tested in ways he never has before, and forced to answer the question: would you sacrifice someone you love to save a thousand strangers?

Series List (can be read in any order):
Book 1: The Bones at Point No Point
Book 2: The Shadows of Pike Place
Book 3: The Fallen of Foulweather Bluff
Book 4: The Horror at Murden Cove
Book 5: The Terror in the Emerald City
Book 6: The Drowning at Dyes Inlet
Book 7: The Nightmare at Manhattan Beach
Book 8: The Silence at Mystery Bay
Book 9: The Darkness at Deception Pass (Available June 18, 2024)
Book 10: The Vanishing at Opal Creek (Available Fall 2024)

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