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Urban Women's Fiction & Romance Grab Bag

Urban Women's Fiction & Romance Grab Bag

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Three foot tall stack of books written for women.

This packages contains books romance written by and for women of color.‚

These books are not urban street-lit.

Due to limited supply of urban romance books coming into our store, it may be several months before more grab bags of this type can be made.‚

Grab Bags are made from excess store stock or used books from other outside sources. ‚Many of our Grab Bags are made possible by a special purchase of closing stock from used bookstores. Few books in Grab Bags are recent, many are older titles.‚Some books are in "like new" condition, many are well worn.‚

To keep these prices low, Grab Bags are PRE-PACKED. Extra books of one type or another CANNOT be added by request.

Unless otherwise specified in the descritpion,‚Grab Bags weigh between 13 and 15 lbs.and will contain about 30 books which is close to 3 feet of self space.

Each Grab Bag is unique.‚When books are available, various Special Grab Bags are made.‚

Grab Bags are mailed within 4 days of order and always have USPS tracking information available.

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