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We Wrote Your Name in Color: A Memoir

We Wrote Your Name in Color: A Memoir

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Author/Editor: Wilden, Jessye

YearMonthDay of Publication: 20221019
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FAM014000 -Death, Grief, Bereavement

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Will you look after our kids if anything happens to us?

It's a big ask. But Jessye and Ryan Wilden come from a small town and loving families who do life together. So when Ryan's youngest sister Rena and her husband Danny call one day to say they've decided to write up their wills, Jessye and Ryan say yes.

They never imagine that years later, a homicide/suicide event will take their best friends, rob two children of their parents, tear two families apart, cause their small town to take up sides, and test their faith in God. Never mind that Jessye's pregnant, that Ryan has a business to run, that they're building a house, that their dog and their car are about to die, that the budget is very, very tight. There was never any question. Yes. Of course. We love you, come here.

But it's hard. There are court appearances, lawyers, meetings, financial decisions, a bear, countless prayers (and one spectacular rant) ... and in the end, new life for a blended family. This wise and meaningful story will forever change the way you look at trauma and grief, forgiveness and redemption, and the ultimate power of love.

Page Count: 238

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