USPS mail is our only shipping method. We guarantee delivery to the prison. What families and friends need to know is:

What is approved for my inmate?

Just a Few of Smiles You Can Send

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Dear Customer,

It is hard to have someone you love in prison.  We can make it easier for you and help you to make your loved one's life inside bit better too.  The Paperback Shop is an Approved Vendor for TDCJ inmates with over 25 years of experience helping inmates with books.  Families and friends can now send used and new books, puzzles, calendars and magazines to prison.  Our TDCJ guarantee information can be read on our Terms and Conditions page. 

We mail to any prison or jail in the US.   Be sure of the regulations for your state or county before ordering.  As a bookstore and national website, we are able to mail to books, puzzles and calendars to inmates of many other state's prisons, county jails and all Federal Prisons. 

*If your inmate is not in TDCJ, please check out our Prison Policy information page*. Our magazines subscriptions are mailed by the publishers and are not packages.  Our books, puzzles and calendars and back-issue magazine packages are Mailed USPS from our bookstore or our national distribution warehouse.  

Books, puzzles and calendars and back-issue magazines do not qualify as shipped from publisher by states' DOCs or by county jails that have that requirement. Magazine subscriptions are fulfilled by the publishers.

Best Wishes,

Jane Gray, 


**Inmates not in a Texas State facility: Every state and each of the thousands of county jails have individual regulations and different requirements.  We cannot guarantee that after the book or magazine or calendar is delivered, that every jurisdiction will allow every product. Read our terms and conditions for more information.

For a whole lot of good information on how to send books to inmates please see our pages:

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