Collection: Calendars

Prisons have lots of rules for Calendars. 

  • Many prisons have size limitations.
  • BOP: Call the Mailroom! Some accept as books, some deny as packages
  • BOP will not allow planners or journals.
  • Some state prisons will not accept, or require pre-approval.
  • Some have quirky rules based on inmate classification or type of calendar.
  • Most jails will deny calendars. 

Check the rules before you order. 

This page will help: U.S. State Prisons' Information

Calendars have a "season." 

Best selection for calendars is August to November. 

In 2024 most calendars were gone by mid-April.

   No spiral bound are calendars on this site.
Calendars will mail USPS Priority, and if acceptable by that prison, by USPS.