Terms and Conditions

Please Read This Carefully. 

These are NOT standard terms and conditions. There is important information specific to mailing to prisons and jails included here. 

Prisons have many rules. We want to help you send books, magazines and calendars to inmates and Send a Smile to Your Loved One in Prison.


The following Terms and Conditions apply to the use of this Web site as well as all transactions conducted through the site.

Customer Service Policy


To the best of our ability the owner and staff of IMailToPrison.Com will help our customers have a successful experience shopping with us for your loved one in prison.  If we see a problem with your order that would prevent the inmate from receiving the publication(s) that portion of the order will be adapted, cancelled, or refunded.  Customers will receive an email or phone call to explain the problem or to work out a solution if possible. However:


 In no case does a customer’s failure to know or provide information required for an inmate purchase, delivery, and/or product approval obligate this business to refund the purchase price of goods and/or services.


Because we are both a real bookstore and secure website (separate from with no customer access)  IMailToPrison.Com and The Paperback Shop can mail books to inmates in most prisons and jails.  Our return address on the package will match the requirements of that prison or jail. 

Consumer Agreement


Packages of books, calendars, and back-issue magazines not to Texas State Jails and Prisons:


Orders for inmates not in the custody of TDCJ, including but not limited to; other U.S State Prisons, county jails, city jails, detention centers, federal institutions, and inmates temporarily moved from TDCJ to another custody:
Every prison and jail system has a different set of specific guidelines regarding publications to inmates.  Packages of books, back issue magazines and calendars are guaranteed to be delivered by USPS the prison or jail, not guaranteed approved for that inmate.   

Customers are responsible for determining that the chosen product will be approved by the regulations of that facility, and that that facility will accept the products. 
EACH county jail enforces its own policies, not that of the state.  Information regarding a county's policy can often be found on the county sheriff’s website either with mail policy or with the visitation policy, or by calling the county jail.  It is possible that the prison or jail will have unpublished rules on specific types of publications.
  • In those states and institutions with “approved vendor only” regulations, I MailToPrison.Com and The Paperback Shop are not approved unless specifically mentioned in that policy. 
  • Some prisons and jails with "publisher only" rules will accept books mailed by bookstores and websites as an original source, some will not.  Check our prison policy pages or with the prison or jail  website for more information.
  • Used books, back issue magazines, and calendars are not shipped from the publishers, and will not be allowed in facilities that require publisher shipping.
  • Magazine subscription are mailed by the publisher. 
Information provided in our  Prison Policies page is often helpful. Included there are rules for sending books to certain jails that we have researched. All information has been gathered from resources provided by the various state and jail websites and other sources.  We cannot guarantee the completeness or accuracy of this information. If a customer is aware of updates or corrections to the information provided on this website, please contact us.

Packages of new books, used books, and back-issue magazines to Texas (TDCJ) State Jails and prisons units: (not county run prisons)


IMailToPrison.Com is a Texas Department of Criminal Justice approved vendor, known by mailrooms as a "good source."
Used Books and Back Issue Magazines are Guaranteed TDCJ Approved as published in General Information Guide for Families of Offenders.  In case of dispute these are the guidelines for replacement and reimbursement:

Publications mailed to TDCJ from our store are identified by the information "IMailToPrison" above the title on the book's product page. These are all guaranteed approved items for Texas State Prisoners to receive, unless the product is identified as in our "Ladies Wearing Less" collection. 
TDCJ Guarantee:
TDCJ denied Used book(s) and back issue magazines will be replaced based upon availability of mutually agreed upon used books at The Paperback Shop (the bookstore). Grab Bags: If three or more books in any one grab bag are denied they will be replaced by books of the same genera and shipped at no charge.
New Books and calendars are not guaranteed. In aid of this effort, reporting that a book  denied due to content by TDCJ will result in a refund of the $5 shipping fee. This will benefit other customers as many prisons have similar content rules. This refund of shipping applies to TDCJ orders only, however other new books denied by other prison systems will be removed from the site on a case by case basis. 
TDCJ does not return denied books to the shop as is the practice of most other prison systems and jails. We will not be able to reship refused TDCJ orders.

Magazine subscriptions:  

Magazines subscriptions are not packages. Subscriptions are filled by the publishers and are approved by every just about every  prison system most other facility that we have researched.  
Due to the time involved, magazine subscriptions are not recommended for jail inmates.
Individual issues of otherwise approved magazines may be denied for content. (For example: a hunting magazine with an outdoor survival article, a tattoo magazine with a tattoo of a naked lady, any magazine with a detailed description or illustration of gun assembly)  Other specific situations and reasons for denial will apply to other prison systems.
IMailToPrison.Com is not responsible for denial of individual issues of magazines.  

Addiction treatment Facilities in TDCJ may deny issues of magazines due to images of alcohol or tobacco. Our Texas page has more information.

It is very important that customers inform us if your inmate is moved or released.  IMailToPrison.Com can change the address with the publisher.  We also recommend submitting a change of address for with USPS. It is likely that one or two issues of a magazine will be missed when a subscriber is relocated.

Publisher set up subscription lists one or more issues in advance, so no matter from whom you order, as a general rule,
  • weekly subscriptions take 6 to 10 weeks to start,
  • monthly subscriptions take 8 to 12 weeks to start
  • bi-monthly and quarterly subscriptions take 10 to 16 weeks to start.
Status requests for non-delivery complaints cannot be made on magazines until at least 8 weeks after an order has been submitted




Return Policy-

Please see full policy on Refusals, Returns & Lost Packages


In no case does a customer’s failure to know or provide information required for an inmate purchase, delivery, and/or product approval obligate this business to refund the purchase price of goods and/or services.


(We do amend recognized problems in orders or cancel orders as needed)


Any error of this business is our responsibility.  If we make an error, we will replace or reship or refund. 

Sales Tax

IMailToPrison.Com charges sales tax for merchandise ordered on this Web site based on the applicable state sales tax rate and local tax rate, 8.25%. This sales tax will be collected on all products.  


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