How to Research Inmate Information.

How to Research Inmate Information.


Inmates will only receive publications that are addressed correctly with the correct name, ID# and mailing address.



ID Number:

State and Federal Prison Inmates:

Prison systems will have a link on their web page, something like “Inmate Lookup” or “Find an Offender” Links to Federal and State websites can be found on our page: Regulations: Prisons rules 

County Jail Inmates:

First, find the main website for that county. There should be a directory of departments or some other link to the Sheriff or the Jail.  Jail’s websites will almost always have a directory of inmates which includes the required ID number.  A direct search for the county jail will most often result in many listings of service sites with general information, not specific to your inmate. Look for the site controlled by that specific county.


Mailing Address: 

Facilities often have multiple addresses:

  • one for visiting inmates
  • one for letters to the inmate
  • separate address for books and magazines 
  • different USPS and non-USPS packages (such as “care packages” from facility approved vendors) 

All publications from this site are delivered by USPS mail and must go to the mailing address.

Links to the Federal and States’ prison systems can be found on our page Prisons Policies.   Facility addresses can be found on the Federal Bureau of Prisons and each state’s department of corrections website. 


Possible shortcuts:


V.I.N.E:  The Victim Information and Notification Everyday network. Most, but not all, prisons and jails post to V.I.N.E: inmate ID numbers, location, and charges, making it possible to locate needed id numbers just knowing the inmate's name.  Often a link to the jail or prison is there too. You may need to register on V.I.N.E. to get all needed info.  V.I.N.E. does not spam you. (Texas, TDCJ, info found here: TDCJ.Texas, and is not on V.I.N.E.)


WARNING! : Prisons are weird, jails are weirder. Learn rules that may apply to your inmate on our  page How to Mail Books to Prisons or Jails



State and Federal Prison Inmates:  What we have learned about the Federal and States’ prison systems can be found on our page Prisons Policies.   


Jail Inmates: Our How to Mail Books to Prisons or Jails page will help you learn what you need to know before sending books to inmates. County Jails that we have researched can be found at the bottom of each state’s page.


FYI: Some “jails” are state prisons or are combined state and local lockups. Also, a state inmate that is temporarily at a county jail will only be allowed publications based on that jail’s regulations.


Why this page?  Historically, about one in five orders on this site would not be delivered (as placed) due to lack of inmate ID#, an address error, or the contents of the package


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