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About Us, Or how and why we specialize in mailing books to Inmates. 


His name is Roy Garcia.

A Texas prison inmate, Roy, wrote our bookstore in the early 1990s asking how he could get cheap used books. We had always helped our local customers mail books to their loved ones in Texas Prisons, We worked with Roy, and then other inmates and the word spread. Soon, the bookstore was getting letters from inmates accross the state then calls and orders from folks with loved ones in prisons all over Texas.

IMailToPrison.Com went online in 2007.

After launching the website, we were getting orders from around the country and around the world. As orders came in for inmates incarcerated in other jurisdictions, we researched the requirements of each state and learned what we could do for different jurisdictions.

We now offer a variety of printed materials: New books, used books, calendars, magazine subscriptions, and back issue magazines. Some stock is located in the IMailToPrison suite, while others are mailed  from our national wholesaler and magazine subscriptions are issued by the individual publishers. We mail USPS as required by many prisons and jails.

IMailToPrison.Com still works closely with, but separately from, the bookstore

The Paperback Shop. Established in 1971 in Dickinson Texas, about halfway between Houston and Galveston. The current owner, Jane Gray, started work at the store then called Paperback Swap N Shop in 1989 and bought the store in 2005. Hurricane Harvey in 2017 was our fourth and worst flood. The store reopened on higher ground and was renamed The Paperback Shop in March of 2018.


These are a few of the notes we have received from our customers. This is why we do what we do:

January of 2019 Maira G. wrote: 

YAY!!! Great!! Thank you so very much,that's AWESOME!! You will be receiving more orders from me very soon!! And thank you for your continued AWESOME service too!! Maria

In April of 2018 Jess L. wrote:

Thank you so much... it's so nice to have the option to just come to one site like yours and be able to mail the things that he's asking for without any runarounds or problems I appreciate your business and thank you for your prompt response hope you have a great day!

In July of 2017 George L. wrote:

Thank you Jane. Your attention to detail is greatly appreciated. A little delay is not a problem. Unfortunately, Michael has lots of time on his hands. (bad joke)... I tried some of the big book Sellers and could find no compassion nor cooperation.

I'm so glad that I found you Jane. I will order from you again, and only from you.

 In July of 2013 Reynaldo C. wrote:

Hello Jane Gray, My son has been released is home with us now. I just want to tell you what a differnce you and your staff made in the quality of life for my son. I know that those books are what kept him alive. I am so Thankful for you and your store . He has been home a week and is learning to use a cellphone and catching up with relative and eating normal food. What is throwing him off is "To Many Choices".
Thank You for Taking care of my Son.


Thanks for reading this "about us" if you have any questions, please follow the link to our FAQ's. If you do not see the answer there, please contact me, and I share with you whatever I know about your questions. Best Wishes Jane




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