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Blind Dog Canyon

Blind Dog Canyon

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Author(s)/Editor(s): Cogburn, Brett - -

YearMonthDay of Publication: 20231024
Standardized Book Category: Westerns - General
Language: English
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Publisher Marketing: Two-time Spur Award winner Brett Cogburn revives the true grit and glory of the Old West with a hero as glorious as the author's real-life ancestor Rooster Cogburn -- master gunman Newt "Widowmaker" Jones. But when the Widowmaker agrees to guard a mountain of silver against an outlaw out for revenge and a cold-blooded hired gun, has he signed his own death warrant?

They call him "The Cutter"...

Famous for his fancy bowler hat, striped shirts, and double-holstered revolvers, Kirby Cutter is no ordinary gun-for-hire. He's a cold-blooded professional. The best of the best--and the deadliest of the deadly. Which is why one of the nation's biggest silver companies hired him. His latest job: To locate a silver claim in the Colorado mountains--and eliminate the competition. His biggest obstacle: The silver is guarded by Newt "The Widowmaker" Jones, a legend in his own right.

But Cutter has a wild card up his fancy striped sleeve. His hatchet man is the outlaw Johnny Dial, who's itching to slaughter Jones for killing his brother. It's not the only showdown Widowmaker Jones has to deal with. A crazed grizzly is prowling the area, too--and it's developed a taste for human flesh...

One way or another, someone is going to meet their maker. But it sure as hell won't be the Widowmaker...

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