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Can This Be Me: Time After Time

Can This Be Me: Time After Time

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Author(s)/Editor(s): Teegarden, Margaret - -

YearMonthDay of Publication: 20230501
Standardized Book Category: Occult & Supernatural
Language: English
Page Count: 00138

Publisher Marketing: Every moment can be our last. Therefore, every breath we take is a miracle. But when death stalks you from a tender age to your adulthood, you might need more than a miracle to at least keep your sanity.

Christy once had a happy life. Growing up as a child, she had fond memories. But one day, Christy found herself struggling to breathe. She was four, playing by the side of a creek, and the next thing she knew, her lungs were filling up with water. Every second is a fainter grip on life. Her frail body struggles to understand how she got there. Who pushed her into the creek? Who's trying to drag her into deeper water? And the most puzzling question, who saved her just when the thread of her life was about to snap? Since that day, Christy has been in constant battle with forces and voices that try to take away her life. She is the only one who can hear the voices torturing her, beckoning her to follow them. Before, she was able to manage them, but as she gets older, the voices in her head get more powerful. Christy begins to fade away as the voices take over her life. As she lays her body to rest, she receives premonitions. She gets transported and sees visions of someone's past life and death. The deaths are tragic, and she also feels the person's pain and struggles. Christy continues to live on and starts her own family, only to have her life overtaken by the voices in the worse way possible. Is there salvation for a woman who wants nothing more than a simple life with her family? Is this insanity or the work of an ominous, oppressive being? Will a miracle come once again for Christy? Can This Be Me: Time After Time offers a scintillating read filled with dread, horror, the paranormal, and at the same time, hope. We find hope in Christy's story. It tells us that if we hold on to our life and the things, we hold dear, the miracle we await will come and free us from the claws of oppression. Christy's story is a tragic yet beautiful tale of hope and miracles.

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