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Carl Weber's Kingpins: The Ultimate Hustle

Carl Weber's Kingpins: The Ultimate Hustle

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Author(s)/Editor(s): Friday, T. - -

YearMonthDay of Publication: 20221025
Standardized Book Category: African American & Black - Urban & Street Lit
Language: EnglishPage Count: 272

Publisher Marketing: This pastor's daughter has some choices to make. Does she return to the flock, or fully enter the world of these kingpins?

Being] ]the] ]daughter] ]of] ]a pastor, ]] ]]Erica] ]Collins] ]never] ]got] ]a] ]chance] ]to] ]live] a] ]normal] ]life.] ]When she lost] ]her] ]mother] ]at] ]a] ]very young] ]age, ] ]she] ]questioned ]her] ]faith] ]in] ]the] ]Lord]. Pastor Collins tried to rescue her faith] ]by] ]tying] ]her] ]everyday] ]life] even more closely] to] ]the] ]church.]

Now 21 years old, Erica's] ]only] ]escape] ]from] ]her] ]father] ]and] ]his] ]Bible] ]is ]when] ]she] ]hooks] ]up] ]with] ]her] ]best] ]friend, ] ]Nicole.] ]She] ]finds] ]a] ]little] freedom] ]throu]gh ]Nicole's] ]wild] ]stories, with] ]most] ]of] ]them] ]being] ]about] ]her] ]boyfriend], ]Mekco. ]Erica] ]is] ]all] ]in], ]] ]craving] ]the] ]attention] ]and] ]the] ]lifestyle] ]that] ]Nicole] ]has.] ] ]

Mekco] ]is] ]the] ]leader] ]of] ]The] ]Detroit] ]Brick] ]Boyz.] ]Now] ]that Pierre, ] ]his] ]best] ]friend] ]and] ]the] ]former] ]leader] ]of] ]the] ]crew, ] ]is] ]out] ]of] ]jail, ] ]Mekco] ]is] ]ready] ]to] ]put] ]his] ]boy] ]back] ]on] ]without] ]stepping] ]down] ]as] ]the] ]leader.] ]
Before getting knocked, Pierre was used to living the fast lifestyle and making money.] After he's released, he is introduced to the beautiful Erica Collins. Once Erica] ]enters] ]his] ]life], ] ]he] ]questions] ]if] ]he] ]has] ]been] ]living] ]wrong] ]all along. He soon finds himself falling for a young lady who didn't have any business looking his way. ]He] ]wants] ]to] ]do] ]right] ]by] ]her, ] ]but] ]pursuing] ]his] ]position]] ]as] ]the] ]leader of the Brick Boyz and dealing with snakes] ]from] ]the] ]past cause] ]him] ]to] ]push] ]her] ]away.

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