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Crime Pays

Crime Pays

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Author(s)/Editor(s): Twinz, Tha - -

YearMonthDay of Publication: 20130715
Standardized Book Category: Urban
Language: EnglishPage Count: 282

Publisher Marketing: Part 1 of a book series based on Manny Black where crime, murder, love and erotic sex scenes are intertwined. Written by African American authors for a mass audience, these mystery thrillers will have you turning pages as Manny Black life unfolds. From running a drug empire to a multi-million company the authors Tha Twinz capture the lifestyles of both worlds. Urban book writing will never be the same. Manny Black fled the notorious streets of Colon, Panama as a deadly fugitive. With nothing but a plan to make it rich in the Big Apple, Manny used the power of his gun to pave his way. After crossing dangerous paths with a group of Cuban gangsters and meeting the love of his life, Manny becomes the leader of the M3 Boyz. Under the direction of his hotheaded brother Rico, the massive gang of hungry street soldiers reign terror on the East Coast until, the Marielitos, a Cuban organized crime family, puts things into a lethal mix of murder and mayhem. Their rags to riches story is filled with an inside look at urban love, treachery, and a passion for cash. With a host of characters that most men would idolize and many women want to love; this book finally provides the answer to that age old question... Does crime really pa

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