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Heir of Ashes

Heir of Ashes

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Author(s)/Editor(s): Darling, H. M. - -

YearMonthDay of Publication: 20220301
Standardized Book Category:
Fantasy - Paranormal

Language: English
Page Count: 334

Publisher Marketing:

She'll Burn Before She Surrenders

Phoenix Ashburn is a Runner who has dedicated her life to hunting and killing vampires. She's determined to be the best, and for a Runner, that means taking risks to achieve glory. When Phoenix unintentionally kills a vampire of status, the Heir to the renowned vampire Coven, she finds herself marked for death by the most powerful vampire in the world, Coven Master Dorian Sterling.

Dorian Sterling has ruled the Coven without mercy for eight centuries and refuses to let his Heir go unavenged. But as he learns more about Phoenix Ashburn, his plans for vengeance develop into something even more sinister.

Phoenix finds herself tangled in a web of revenge, blood, and obsession - one that threatens to destroy everything she's ever known. Despite the dark attraction she feels towards Dorian, Phoenix is willing to risk anything to be the Runner who killed the Coven Master... even her own life.

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