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I Am That Bitch 1 & 2

I Am That Bitch 1 & 2

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I Am That Bitch  1 & 2
  Brown, Cinnamon (Author)

Lesha James is that bitch that every man desires. She understands the rules and ways of men and uses them at every opportunity to get what she wants. But all of her successful game playing came to a screeching halt when she ran into Carlos Seguin, a young and handsome Mexican billionaire. She thought he was just another mark; just another married man she could play and milk for some serious paper. Enter Lesha's world as she learns too late that game recognizes game; and when love is involved, rules get broken, boundaries get crossed, and nothing is ever what it seems. Nothing is off the table, not even her life.


Once you cross Godmother, youre as good as dead... Lesha James is back and her troubles are not far behind. She hoped that hiding out with Jason would solve her problems only to discover that Jason has secrets of his own. She thought she had her feelings for him under control, but she soon finds herself caught up again. Hes not exactly the man of her dreams, but hes exactly the man she needs. In I Am That Bitch 2, Lesha is caught in the middle of a cartel drug war with a price on her head where friends and lovers make strange bedfellows. In this world nobody really knows anybody and anything can change when money is involved.

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