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Life at the Club

Life at the Club

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Author(s)/Editor(s): Adrianne - -

YearMonthDay of Publication: 20221025
Standardized Book Category: African American & Black - Urban & Street Lit
Language: EnglishPage Count: 304

Publisher Marketing: Lust and love go hand in hand, but sometimes, the consequences outweigh the pleasure.

Ms. Nova sacrificed her childhood to be a teenage mother and provider for her family. Working a dead-end job barely pays the bills, but her luck is due to change when her homegirl suggests she shake her ass at a jumping strip joint. Weary and self-conscious, she is reluctant at first, but the money is fast and easy and makes her life a lot easier.

Although she has more bread, her bedroom life is at a standstill. Thinking with her head and not her heart, she makes a boss move on the club owner and is able to wrap him around her pinky. But soon, that tryst could end up costing her everything she loves and cherishes.

Marvin is a decorated war veteran and an unsatisfied married man. He has the money and security, but when his wife loses interest in him, he finds a strip club as a way to become reborn. The money is coming in left and right, and he is offered more sex than he ever could have imagined because of his success. Will he be able to maintain his home life when the club life starts to unravel in front of him?

Montezz fell for the Chinese exchange student across the street from him. His life was turned upside down when young love resulted in an unexpected pregnancy. But her betrayal of their union plants a bitter and resentful seed inside of him. How many people will fall victim to the hurt his puppy love caused him?

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