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Lovebombing-How To Avoid Narcissist and Scammers and Unlock The Treasures of Self Love

Lovebombing-How To Avoid Narcissist and Scammers and Unlock The Treasures of Self Love

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Author(s)/Editor(s): Hall, Mara N. - -

YearMonthDay of Publication: 20230214
Standardized Book Category: African American & Black - Erotica
Language: EnglishPage Count: 450

Publisher Marketing:

In this candid masterpiece based on real life experiences. Author Mara Hall takes readers on a journey through the dark levels of Narcissism and how to see the signs when they first arise. Because of the twisted nature of Narcissism Mara reveals alternative lifestyles to the average person and how this can affect your psyche. Welcome to Fifty Shades of Grey meets Zane's Sex Chronicles with a little self help sprinkled in!

Heather Moore is an accomplished reality tv entertainer and recently divorced single mother. During the global Covid-19 Pandemic, Heather was introduced to a live streaming platform called Ego Live where she found comfort, solace, and a social life outside of herself. It was there where she met Kyrie, a young sculptor who swept her off of her feet instantly and cured her lonely woes and pandemic blues. He was a dream come true or so Heather thought. LOVEBOMBING-How To Avoid Narcissists and Scammers and Unlock The Treasures of Self-Love takes us through love at first sight gone wrong. The Dark & Twisted Mind of a Narcissist and a loving unsuspecting victim.

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