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Author(s)/Editor(s): Poss, Frederick - -

YearMonthDay of Publication: 20231010
Standardized Book Category: Thrillers - Suspense
Language: English
Page Count:

Publisher Marketing: Two fifteen-year-olds, Jack von Himmel and Sarah Koleski, connect their first day at Hamot Senior High. New to public school, Sarah needs a friend. Jack needs something too--protection from the rages of family, especially his grandfather Herman, head of the Wisconsin's Nazi Party. When the four adult von Himmels learn that Sarah is Jewish, they fear reprisals from other hate groups and conceive a plan to blow up the Koleski cranberry marsh before word of Jack's romance gets out. Jack must stop them. Before the conflict ends, hatred, murder, a wolf pack, and a desperate search for ten million in Nazi gold bars all struggle first in cranberry bogs, then on the bluffs of Big Stony Lonesome. FBI investigator and Winnebago tribal member Christine Mountain Wolf must solve the case before the KKK and Nazis murder Jack and Sarah. Frederick Poss grew up in Tomah, Wisconsin-- a half-Bohemian/half-German kid who loved to trout fish and tell fibs. Now he lives on Lake Eau Claire near Augusta, Wisconsin, as a semi-retired senior lecturer from UW-Eau Claire. He still loves to fish and fib. During his career as an educator, Poss was selected Outstanding Teacher of Creative Writing in Wisconsin three times and named a Writing Fellow by the National Writing Project. In 1996, to counteract a new law that allowed non-certified teachers to substitute, he won a national grant competition and created the first state-certified substitute teacher training program in America. His novel Murder on Big Stony Lonesome is based on a real murder that his sister Lucy investigated in her role as an investigator for the state's crime lab. Poss can be reached at You can look for more stories from him about Jack von Himmel and, of course, wolves.

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