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Shoot First Ask Questions Never Part 3

Shoot First Ask Questions Never Part 3

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Author(s)/Editor(s): Pendleton, Fanita Moon - -

YearMonthDay of Publication: 20130930
Standardized Book Category: Urban
Language: EnglishPage Count: 150

Publisher Marketing: Shit Just Got Real! AK's, GLOCKS, and RUGERS, the Dunbar's are back and death and destruction continue to follow them wherever they go. Revenge from unknown enemies' is a game changer and no one plays the game better than the Dunbar's. Three months ago they painted the streets red, but their family took some shorts, how are they dealing with the aftermath. Twist and Turns await you as you enter a world where men are not afraid to love their women and bust a cap in whoever disrespects the game at the same damn time. Welcome back to a world where anyone can get it.

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