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Special Wisconsin shipping fee

Special Wisconsin shipping fee

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SHIPPING UPDATE: $0 to $5 Flat Rate on all orders.

Due to Wisconsin DOC rules, we cannot offer free shipping of packages to WDOX inmates. 


Why? What?  - Do I have to?

Wisconsin requires a packing slip with prices  in the package.
Our new books are mailed from a distribution warehouse. This store's mailing address is on all shipping labels as the return address. The warehouse will no longer put invoices with pricing into packages. Only packing slips, without prices.
Some Wisconsin prisons will see and accept that the book price has been included as part of the gift note, some prison mailrooms will not see or honor that price in this unusual place. 

Your book order can be mailed to the store, and we repack it with the invoice.
For multiple books, select number of books in this order and  this will add 25 cents per book.

Do I have to pay this?:
It is insurance.  If the order is denied and returned, a process that will take 3 weeks or (rarely) a few months., you would be contacted so we can reship it.  Our standing fee for that is the cost of postage plus $1, which will be about $5, but will be more for multiple books or for a book over 1 pound in weight.  

You Choose!
You pay this fee and the book can be mailed to the store,
and we repack-reship it with the invoice. 
Choose the option below that does not pay this fee and
you will be contacted in weeks or months if the prison sends the books back. 
 There will be no refund if the books are returned to the store.
 See our FAQs and Terms and Conditions for more information. 

Not necessary for magazine subscriptions.
Is required for religious calendar order, due to USPS rules, calendars mail Priority Rate

Your order will not be processed if unless this fee is paid or refused on this page.  If this fee is paid in error, or the books is one of the few mailed from the store, the fee will be refunded. 

Add another book: REQUIRED 25 cents each additional book

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