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The Recordings

The Recordings

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Author(s)/Editor(s): Zona, Kyle - -

YearMonthDay of Publication: 20231013
Standardized Book Category: Thrillers - Suspense
Language: English
Page Count: 00326

Publisher Marketing:

"With The Recordings, Kyle Zona proves to be a refreshing and needed voice at the forefront of a new era of thrillers. The book will keep your mind and heart racing until the very last page." - Patrick Gomez, Entertainment Weekly

"In this thriller debut, Zona conjures a twisting-and twisted-tale... The character work and prose are both strong, and Zona is committed to capturing not just suspense but a rich sense of this cast's lives without slowing down the narrative momentum. Zona brings welcome authenticity and forward-thinking view to his largely LGBTQ+ cast that refreshes, though a few stereotypes-played-as-jokes may divide some readers. A passionate heart drives The Recordings, and readers of thriller fiction powered by convincing, complicated people will find Zona an author to watch." - BookLife Review

THE RECORDINGS is a queer thrilling cat-and-mouse novel blending mystery and revenge while embracing technology. This book will appeal to readers who enjoy novels such as Finder's Keepers (King) and Dark Places (Flynn).

Joseph Bailey-recently fired after a student-scandal-moves to Baxtor Springs, hoping to publish a novel unlike his previous textbooks. After a massive explosion claimed hundreds of lives in Baxtor Springs, Joseph feels inspired to use the tragedy in his writing. But would it be malicious to write about the victims as an outsider?

Alone in his smart home, Joseph asks his Home Device to play a record-but his words are misinterpreted. Instead, the Home Device plays the recording of a murder, a recording unfamiliar to Joseph, who is struck with inspiration for the novel. He furiously writes, giving the crime a second life, fueled by his desire to be no longer labeled by his past.

Desperate to get his new novel on the stands, Joseph befriends a local bookstore owner showcasing new authors at an event to support the victims of the massacre. As Joseph reads his book aloud to the eager audience, he notices someone watching him, and for the first time, he feels anxious that the killer has come to collect his due. These fears are pushed aside when Joseph meets Arturo de Leon, a local bar owner who invites Joseph for a drink.

As Joseph pursues Arturo, the murderer is determined to uncover how Joseph put details of his dark past into words for the world to read.

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